Fidget Spinner App Reviews

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You get cheated

Sometimes when I play it, it goes from 3 spins to 1 spin. But game is addictive


This is a very fun game, and fidget spinner lovers should all get this game

Great but............

I love this game but it is expecting me to go at a speed 185,000 and am like this just for a little coin?but I still like it.the challenges are kind of like coler swich,am I right?I am only 10 And I can judge, is it against the law?Some people think she’s only 10 how can she know about this stuff.and I say ”I pay attention to the important things in life."and people also think that I would be great in debate but I don’t think I want to see it is just so hard for a 4th grader to get in to debate team I mean in my defense I am only 4’9so I would be to small anyways so I think if you are in to challenging games like me you would like this game.:);)

I love this game

I love this game cuz i like fidget spinners

Needs More Excitement!

I totally humiliated myself buying this game. Reason: Boring! Lame! Not Figety! Just so you know, this whole ‘“fidget spinner” trend is 2016-2017. Whoever is going to buy this game is stuck in 2016, Btw did you get your resolution in 2 years ago? Mine would be “don’t buy this app!” It’s not like I have enough power to sue you. I wouldn’t do that. Please... get more excitement in because if you don’t I will probably delete this app. I don’t know if the people who gave 5 stars are just being dishonest or if the game dev. Are putting the best reviews on the “main page” so they look great. I wouldn’t feel good about lying. And I’m being honest. I don’t like this game. (TBH hate is a strong word and I didn’t want to say it but I do hate this game). This game isn’t great. It needs more than “some” fixes. I wish people would be honest sometimes. You should get more spins, too. Don’t email me to say thanks for your review. That is creepy and I don’t want anyone to Email me if I don’t know them. Fix this game or stop ripping off people. PATHETIC




This app is cool but when ever u are spinning or doing a challenge it always glitches and you loose even though you should have won! And there are a lot of adds, too many adds. I don’t recommend this app for anyone.


Only did this to see if reward💩


So I love the game...But when I came back to play it.. The game restarted my data!! I had so much! And today when I came back again,my data got deleted again.. So can you fix this? I was gonna write a review with five stars But I don’t think I should..

Really fun!

This app is so great 😃 but it could use a setting that would let you choose how many swipes you can do. Maybe a little slider or something? Anyway this is the best fidget spinner app I have ever downloaded! All the other apps have too many ads so I end up deleting them but this one I’m definitely keeping! ❤️


I had more fun masturbating to gay nugget porn.


It’s an awesome app

I like that you earn parts to build your own, it’s the Stan

Spinner but nice


I love the game and it’s amazing for killing time but you should make more challenges! I’d love to see what you come up with! I love this game and it’s so cool for something so simple ! But...sadly it’s now 2018 and fidget spinners out running off the trend list! Ugh, why? I think they are still kinda cool but not a lot of people but I can understand. They are good to have if you need to focus, it helps !! I have one and it’s helped a lot. They weirdly help me sleep ! But anyways, and more challenging challenges and more fun additions and it would be even more fun! ❤️❤️ thanks so much!


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Update please

This started it all.

Ketchapp is a game developer that develops a whole bucketload of similar games, and most may come from memes or other games not made by Ketchapp. Why in the world do they develop tons of attractive games by their titles and overflow the free section of the top charts with these apps? This is just a ridiculous habit and prevents me from ever playing your games very often and caused me to delete some.

That’s all I want

All I want is more challenges

An idea for developers

I think you should add a new challenge like Umm anything you can think of

Great game!!

This game is very additive and entertaining for those who love to be challenged by the challenges

U can get a real one but this is way better.

U can get a real 1 but this is way better then a real 1

This ruined me

The day I downloaded this I couldn’t stop. I had to keep spinning. My wife left me and took the kids. I lost my job. I live in a runner down apartment. The police are knocking on the door as I type this. I had to keep spinning. 5 stars.

Waste of time

I have to give these guys props for two simple, but rare, reasons: the ads don’t ruin the game and it was free. Beyond that, this game is strictly good for killing time. Nothing for someone who likes to think or enjoys a challenge.

Please Fix!!

I’ve had this game for over 6 months now. A few months ago I started having problems with the rewards that I receive every 4 hours. Every time I open one now it's been giving me the same stickers that I already have. Please fix this soon.


والله انا اعجبتني

Hate it

Noooooooooo worst game ever!!!!!!!!!!




Hi I was wondering why I have a difference fidget spinner then my sister. please answer back . thank you anonymously

I like this game

It’s a awesome game

Great but crashes

Great game, but sometimes when an ad pops up the app crashes and I don’t get the coins I’m supposed to get! :(

Fidget Spinner

Me like Fidget spinners

You have to get this game

I loved it and like how everyone else said it’s a great time killer but it’s also really fun just to play


This game is useless, it's really only for the people who have so many fidget spinners in real life, that they want one on the virtual world. Seriously, why?

Good but

The spike challenge is way too hard my high score on it is 43 I can’t even get 50!

Changed me

Before I got this app I felt my life has no meaning.i would spend my paychecks on bleach and porn. I would also cut myself regularly. I was on the verge of ending it all one night when my friend texted me about how great this app was. I downloaded and ever since then I have been a productive member of society.thank god for this app

Passes time

Easy way to pass time

It is so fun

It is a good time waster

Needs more

This game is so addicting... but we need more!! Such as more challenges and more upgrades. Please consider my request.

Love this app

This is one app I do like and recommend ppl to get and play for fun and competition it is worth it

I love it❤️❤️❤️

I love this app because you can create your own figet spinner.And I love the fact that the app tells you how much spins you spinned!Also I'm pretty good at the lava challenge!My score was 420!I just love this game.10 out of 10!

Stress relieving game!

I love this game! Super entertaining! The only thing I would like is a free spin mode. Other than that, love it!

Great time killer.

It's great and simple to play. What does the upgraded multiplier do though?

Awesome game

Really like this


Bra fidgets what's gonna happen to this when fidgets get old but for now it's fun to play.

Seasoned player’s review

I like to play this is my spare time, and do enjoy it. I’ve played this for several months on and off, but I finally decided to grind and play it every spare moment to try to get the high score. The global high score right now is 1,000,000,000 I believe, and I just beat that this afternoon with mine. But yet, it’s not showing up. It’s like the leader board isn’t updating or something. I don’t understand it, or maybe it’s a glitch or whatever. It’s still saying I’m #1000 instead of #1. Overall, this is a fine game. I certainly played it for a while! Doesn’t force you to watch ads, and is pretty simple and straightforward gameplay. I’ve had it lag pretty often, crash a few times, but a quick restart of the app typically fixed it. I would recommend this to a friend



Gets boring

It gets lame after you reach a certain level and your just sitting there for 5 minutes just swipe then wait and wait then swipe ITS LAME need fast forward button

This. Is. The. Best. One problem, though....

This is such a cool game I love it I enjoy playing it every day! The only problem is that it CRASHES every time I exit out of an ad. They have too much! Aside from that, AWESOME GAME!!! Get it! Get it! It's free! Yay!

I love it

I like fidget spinner and games so this it perfect for me I love please make more games like this one thanks 😁😁😁


OK. But real fidget spiners better

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